Thursday, March 21, 2013

God's Timing

When I was in graduate school, I met 2 girls from the UALR undergrad speech pathology department.  I quickly became friends with Sarah and Lori.  These 2 girls are still 2 of my best friends today.  I may go a while without talking to them, or seeing them, but I know I could count on them.  Funny thing is, when I was in graduate school we had a Halloween party at one of my fellow student's house.  This was really not Grant's thing and he was reluctant to go.  At the party, he and Jason, Lori's husband, met and hit it off.  The four of us have done things through the years, and have been close friends.  Grant and I have a lot of respect for them.  Grant has worked with Jason a little through the years while at different companies, but has always said he would love to work where Jason works and work with Jason. 
Well, Grant's current job wasn't working out.  Being an industrial account manager aka sales guy just wasn't Grant's thing.  He's been debating on going back into a plant.  We did a lot of praying, talking and thinking, and decided we might just have to move for Grant to find a position he enjoyed.  He then accepted a position in Waco, TX.  He moved down there last weekend.  The girls and I planned to stay here until school was out.  We were all hesitant about it, well, Addison did not want to go, I was worried about school and PK for the girls, a new church, a new house, new friends, but we felt if this was God's plan then it would work out.  Grant and I had talked about moving for years, and so we thought this was a great chance. Grant was there for a week and half and was misreable. On Tuesday morning this week, the girls and I were in Dallas for Spring Break.  I was beginning to think I was about to have an unemployed husband.  Honestly, I was getting stressed and a little frustrated.  Tuesday afternoon, Grant called and asked if I had gotten his text.  I said no, and then looked... I promise, I could hear the angels singing, and it wasn't because of the clearance coach wallet I was holding!  Jason had sent Grant a text offering him a job!  Grant started there today, and I am so thankful.  I feel this was all God's plan.  I think Grant needed to go to Waco and experience that position to get it out of his system.  I think we needed to be close to putting our house on the market, to truly appreciate it again.  I needed to be scared to death of meeting new friends and loosing touch with my girlfriends to cherish those relationships even more.  I think marriages always grow stronger when you support each other during tough times.  We don't always understand God's plan, but I am always amazed at God's timing! 

Here are some pictures of Jason and Lori and us in 2004 during a trip to New Orleans and then New Years that year.  I love this couple! 

 I included this picture, because it represents one of my best memories of Jason.  When we were going to New Orleans, we had a rough time getting off.  I really don't even remember what the deal was, but I do remember us stopping the car and Jason praying.  I truly believe Jason is a man of God.

 Silly boys!