Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We've had a great day! Our tummies are full as well as our hearts! The girls were happy to see the treats from the Easter Bunny this morning! We were running late for our church, so we decided to just be on time for church in Murfreesboro. It's so awesome to sit on the pew with all my family! You can see below that Daddy Dick got to hold the baby!
After church, we went to Mom and Dad's for lunch. As always, it was a great meal! Sara brought baby Natalie and Nathan and Haley came over, too. Anna is dating Eddie- sweetheart! We love him! He is just so easy to be around! He and Anna are cute together! We hunted eggs, fed the cows, played, and visited! It's been a fun day!
So happy to serve a risen Savior today and everyday!


Suzy said...

Happy Easter! They are going to need those swimsuits!