Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, the girls woke up and got in bed with us at 5:30 and went back to sleep!  We couldn't believe it!  We all stirred about 8, and got up to see what Santa had brought! 

Addison wanted Mulan II so bad and was so excited to have received it! 

The whole loot!  Ansley's on the left, and Addison's on the right! 

Ansley got diapers for her babies!

Hot Chocolate on Christmas morning! 

We then got ready and drove to Prescott.  We had Christmas lunch with PawPaw and Joy.  The weather was expected to get bad, so we left for Murfreesboro thinking we would stay there for just a couple of hours! 
5 of the 6 cousins...we were missing Ben who came later in the week. 

We opened presents and all received our yearly tradition red panties! 

I had Nathan's name.  I gave him a box of chocolates filled with $$! 

We played a little Jenga. 

Ansley was all about singing some Christmas Carols!

The 4 siblings- Aunt Susan, Aunt Jean, Uncle Buddy, and Mom

Ansley took a little nap with her hiney in the air! 

Addison took some pictures...

We had a great Christmas!  We started back to Benton when the ice started.  We got past Delight, and the roads were completely covered with snow.  Grant decided to turn around and go back to Murfreesboro!  He didn't want to chance being stuck on the Interstate.  We had no idea how glad we would be to be at Murfreesboro...with electricity!