Sunday, December 23, 2012

Carroll Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas we went to Murfreesboro.  We celebrated Christmas with my aunt and her family.  I didn't take any pictures!  This was our first Christmas without Granny Sue.  We all missed her, but we enjoyed time together.  Aunt Margaret continued the tradition of giving us a planner!  Allison came with her new fiance, and Tommy and his wife Celina were there.  They are expecting a baby girl this Spring.  

After they left we opened Christmas presents with my immediate family.  Again, I didn't take many pictures!  It's too hard to enjoy the girls and take pictures, but I did get a few! 

 Dad always cooks the girls chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  We got him some chocolate chips, and an oven mitt with the girl's hand prints and it says "Daddy Dick's helping hands."  We made one for G-Dad, too, but I didn't get a picture.  
 Anna bought the girls panties for Christmas.  Ansley opened her and put all 7 pairs on!  Daddy Dick had to help her take them off!  

Sunday morning we all went to church.  We were able to take some pictures when we got home.  Addison ended up with my camera, and took some great pictures! 
 Nana and her grandbabies

 My 2 Christmas angels

 The cousins

 Sister shot

 My beautiful sis!

 A little playtime in our church clothes
 cousin hugs! 

Melts my heart to see my girls love each other and enjoy being together!