Monday, December 31, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

We have a Christmas Eve tradition.  We have a "fancy" dinner at home and dress up.  Addison picked out one of my dresses and pick me out a dress.  Ansley decided to wear her Snow White dress, then she changed into Mermaid! We had grilled lamb chops, pear/cheese/pecan salad, and bread with dip.  We love this special night together!

Here the girls are in front of our little family tree.  This has ornaments from different places we have traveled to, ornaments the girls made, and the Hallmark family photo ornament from each year since 2006- the year Addison was born.  I LOVE looking at these each year! 

Addison took a pict of the 3 of us. 

After dinner we opened presents. 
I bought Add and Grant an electric toothbrush for Addison and the game Jenga!  This will help make sure the nightly tooth brushing is done well. 

Ans opened up her very own Cinderella Barbie! 

Nutcracker Barbie ballerina 

Gymnastics Dora

A few American girl McKenna items...

We played Jenga and tried to dodge the tower knocker over monster aka Ansley! 

Then we started getting ready for Santa! We gave Drip Drop the Elf food Addison had made at her school party, and then each girl told him bye! 

We put out the key for Santa since he can't come down our chimney!

We put the cookies on the plate and put them in front of the fireplace. Grant tried to eat a few! 

Then we put out the reindeer food including a couple of carrots! 

We read 2 Christmas books- 1 fun book and 1 book about the real meaning of Christmas! 

Then the two good little girls went to bed with hopes that St Nicholas would soon be there! 
Sweet girls in bed together!