Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Town Charm

We have been to Murfreesboro more the past couple months than we have all year! This weekend Anna had her annual Christmas party. We've never been because its always hit where we had something going on. This year, we decided kinda last minute to go. We asked our good friends Heather and Kyle if they wanted to join us, and they did! We went straight to Hawkins when we got into town so the girls could get ice cream. Grace, Olivia, Addison and Ansley enjoyed getting to sample several flavors and choosing the right one. Grant and Kyle enjoyed shopping the nut butter and honey section. It's such a neat place. Once the girls got their ice cream, Heather and I left them all in Mom's care at Hawkins and we ran into Ace, a clothing store, and then we all met back up to go in Dolly's. It was fun going around and introducing our friends.
After eating at Mom and Dad's and getting the girls somewhat settled, the 4 of us went by my Uncle Buddy and Aunt Karen's bed and breakfast and then to the party. We had a lot of fun! Although Grant and I could never imagine moving back there, we really were proud to show Murfreesboro off. It really does have that small town charm!
Drip Drop showed up at Nana's house, and Grace and Olivia's elf, Ruby, did too! They were on the piano! Mom played some Christmas carols and the sweet girls sang!
We also of course had to feed the cows. There was a new baby so Grant took the big girls on the mule to see her.
It was a fun night! Now I must get my Christmas tree up!