Friday, July 10, 2009


Last Wednesday, July 8th, I took off work and Addison and I went to see Dora! She was very excited about seeing her!

I even broke down and bought Backpack! This was the first time we had been to something like this and Addison wanted a souvenir!

After Dora, we went to her her Kids Day Out class and had a Dora Birthday party! This is the last time she will be with these children, because she is starting the daycare at the church after her birthday. She is really going to miss Ms. Amanda and Ms. Ellie. She will also miss Ms. Janice who watched her before and after KDO and at her house 1-2 days a week.

Here are her KDO friends. Some of her closest friends aren't coming to KDO this summer, but will be in preschool with her this fall. This was a great day!