Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mermaid Birthday Party!

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party
Little Mermaid Theme

We had Addison's birthday party at our house. She was so excited! This was the first year that she began to understand what a birthday party was, and she couldn't wait to open presents! I bought her this Mermaid costume several months ago and we gave it to her before the party. I let her change into it after the water play! Addison has started squishing up her face when she is cheesing for a picture!

Mommy's Little Mermaid!

Since it was going to be hot, we had the children wear their swimsuits and we had a slip-n-slide, water table, fishing game in large container of water, and a sprinkler to help keep them cool. There was also a starfish ring toss, sandbox, and the playground (as Addison calls her swing set) to keep them busy as well. We stayed outside about an hour then came inside. Some of the children changed clothes. We then had sugar cookies for them to decorate. Addison and I had made the cookies and then my mother-in-law iced them for us. There were seahorses, seashells, fish, and starfish shaped cookies. I think the kiddos really enjoyed this! We then cut the cake and sang happy birthday. We had hot dogs, goldfish crackers, cheese cubes, blueberries, chips, strawberries, and some dips. I had managed to misplace my camera so I didn't get a picture of the food. (these picts are from my MIL) I wish I had b/c I had really cute serving pieces: crab plate, seashell bowl, etc. For party favors, we gave a pair of sunglasses, a Mermaid stencil, and a fish ring pop wrapped in a blue cellophane bag placed inside a sand pail with a shovel.

Addison and her friend Ethan on the slip-n-slide!

Children playing!

Decorating the cookies! I bought green and pink shot glasses from the Dollar Tree and poured different toppings in them. They were the perfect size!

The cake table!

The cake! Addison said the cake was her favorite part of the party! My friend Bethany made the cake and did an awesome job!


Holly Crutchfield said...

Looked like a great party! I wish we could have been there. Everything looked so neat and I love her swing set. I know she had a great time and her mom worked really hard! Costume is too cute!