Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day in the Life of a 3 year old!

On Addison's Birthday, I took off work so I could spend the day with her. She decided she wanted to go to Magic Springs to celebrate. Anna and Kane met us there, and we had a blast. I thought I would share what you are up to my big girl now that you are 3!
You love to have your picture made. We took this before we left for Magic Springs. You can dress and undress yourself with occasional help. You are doing a pretty good job putting your shoes on right, but still need reminders! You definitely have an opinion on what you wear. You prefer dresses that twirl!

You have pretty much given up your nap- except when we are going to Magic Springs and you fall to sleep about 5 minutes b/f we get there! You sleep good at night, but sometimes wake up and come in our bedroom, and sometimes you have night terrors. These were real bad when you first stopped napping. I read that night terrors are worse when you are over tired. Thank goodness this is better! You average 10 1/2 hours of sleep at night, but sometimes will sleep up to 12! You are usually asleep by 8 and will wake around 6:30.

You love hats and bows and will pick out bows that match your outfit. You are really into things matching. You are even particular about what shoes you wear! They have to match! You like all things girly! Pretty dresses, jewelry and make up! You are good about waiting your turn and sharing. You are pretty patient, even for a 3 year old. You like watching others, so standing in line isn't a big deal for you!

You love being with your family. You adore Kane! He is so good with you, but has to be reminded that I am your mommy and he doesn't have to watch your every move! You have enjoyed having your grandmothers here with you each week, and will miss that time with them I'm sure! You like to talk to your family on the phone and you can really tell them about your day now! You took swimming lessons this summer, and now you love to swim! You like to go under the water, will stay longer than I want you to sometimes! You love the slides at Magic Springs, and love to go night-night in the water (floating on your back)!

You are still a good eater! You will eat pretty much whatever I cook! You love your vegetables and fruit! You love ranch dressing, which helps the vegetables taste even better! Your favorite foods are probably strawberry pop tarts, chicken nuggets, grapes, any vege as long as you can "dip" it, and ice cream.
You are talking sooo much and you have started making up stories...
Hey mom, the oder day I was running and I fell down and a biraffe (giraffe) put me in his mouth and then he swallow me and then he pooped me out and then he pooped on me!
You have hit the "WHY?" stage!!!
You love to watch Dora, The Little Einsteins, and your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. You love books and puzzles. You love to sing and right now we sing In the Bulb (Hymn of Promise) every night at bedtime.
You are a very sweet and loving little girl! You are such a joy and make me and your daddy smile daily!

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