Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Latest Stories

Things have been pretty busy around here...appointments, road trips, laying sod, and planning the big 3rd birthday party. I wanted to document some of the things Addison has said here lately. I love going back and reading these...

Mommy, God gave me to you.
Me: Yes he did!
Not when you and daddy marry?
Me: No, God hadn't made you yet.
He put me in the anger (manger) for you?

Loved it!

Addison was really pushing it the last time my Mom was here. She was sitting on the back of her booster seat, and Mom told her to get down and sit in her seat. Addison said ... "NO". I went over to her and explained that we do not talk to Nana that way, blah blah blah. I then said, "Let's try that again." I had her sit back on the seat and go through the conversation again. After one more "no" she realized in was in her best interest to comply! Mom later told me that when she finished giving Addison her bath that night, she told Addison it was time to get out. Addison said "NO" and then looked at mom and said "let's try that again!"

Today after putting on a dress she said, "I don't want to wear this dress! It doesn't twirl big!"

At a wedding shower last weekend, Mom was having Addison do some of her "tricks" She was having Addison tell everyone when her birthday was and how old she was going to be. She is really into this and loves saying her birthday. I think this went on with several people until Mom said, "Addison, tell them when you will be 3." Addison looked at her and said "ON MY BIRTHDAY!"