Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

My mom, sister, and I went to see the Rockets! We had a blast! We had dinner at the Macaroni Grill before the show.

Long time, no blog! We finally have Internet! We were promised it would be in by the 31st. Of course, 2:00 on Wednesday they finally showed up only to tell me we were too far for DSL service. So, today Grant went and got a wireless card. We will see how it works! So much has gone on since I last blogged...

Some girls at work had a house warming party for us on Friday the 12th. I didn't get any sleep that week, but at least the house was presentable! I got some really great gifts, and gift cards, and my aunt and Granny Sue surprised me by coming. It was really neat, and I appreciated them having this for us soo much.

On December 18th, my sister and I took our mom to see the Rockets for her anniversary! See pict above. I couldn't move it and didn't want to start over...sorry!

On December 19th we went to DeQueen to celebrate Christmas with Grant's mom and dad, and Gigi and Shug (that is what Addison calls him!). We had a wonderful weekend...making cookies, opening presents and just being together. Grammy even arranged for Santa to visit on Saturday morning. Addison was OK with him being there, but announced she had to go potty upon his arrival, and then quickly said "Santa go bye-bye in a minute" She didn't want him to hold her! Addison received bity baby twins from Gi and Shug and the stroller and clothes from Grammy and G-Dad. She named the babies pink and black at first, but now calls them Bobby and Bobbie!

Christmas Eve, Gigi and Shug came over and I cooked Lasagna for dinner. We planned on going to a Christmas Eve service, but time got away. It was neat being at our new house! We had made cookies earlier for Santa, and Addison got a kick out of putting them out for Santa. After Addison went to bed, we set up her Santa.

Cookies for Santa!

Presents from Santa!

Addison decided she wanted pink and purple flowers, and earrings for C-mas. Anytime she was asked, that is what she would say. Luckily, Santa came through. She went for the flowers first thing!

After the flowers, she noticed her kitchen! She loves this kitchen! Cupcakes were in the oven and she has enjoyed cooking so much!

She got new sunglasses and insisted on wearing them for C-mas breakfast since the sun was coming in the window! I fixed french toast and blue berries. We enjoyed it!

After breakfast we went to Prescott for C-mas with Grant's PawPaw and Joy. Then on to Murfreesboro for C-mas with my Mom's family. It was weird not having MamMaw there. We still got our red panties, but no one made a big deal out of it. This is a tradition started by my Granddaddy. After he died, my Mam Maw continued to get all the girls red panties for C-mas! I'm not sure who exactly did it this year, but I think it was a joint effort.

Addison wasn't feeling very well so we went to my mom's and got her to bed early. On Friday the 26th we had C-mas with my mom and sister and then my Granny Sue that night. We came home after that.

I was sick all weekend with a sinus infection and didn't get much done. This week has gone by too fast and I still have boxed to unpack and things to organize! The house isn't going anywhere and it will eventually get done!
So, how do we like the new house? We love it! Addison loves her big girl bed and her room! She wants to show her new room to everyone. We are so pleased with how everything turned out.. the paint colors, the floors, the stairs to the attic, and so on.
I do think one of the best things about being here is enjoying God's creation. We love looking at our backyard at the trees. We have seen up to 7 deer at one time in the back. I saw a double rainbow. It is just awesome!
I hope all is well with everyone and Happy New Year to all! It's good to be back!


Holly Crutchfield said...

Yeah! I know you are glad to have internet back! Your blog looks so cute, I still don't know how to put text under pics! Add's kitchen is super cute and glad Santa came thru with the flowers and earrings!

Katie said...

Ceci and Ella got a kitchen from Santa too!!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Becky said...

Yeah, so glad you have internet! The house looks great...and I'm a little jealous about the scenery! Sounds like you had a great Christmas.