Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thirty Things at Thirty Months

Aunt Gigi took this picture on Christmas Sunday.

Today Addison is officially 2 1/2 years old. I can't believe she has been a part of our lives for 30 months! I don't remember life without my precious child! Here is my list to Addison... 30 things at 30 months...

1. You are such a girly girl! You love the Disney princesses, dressing up, and jewelry!
2. You have discovered that a Walrus lives under our coffee table. You feed him fish, but he doesn't bite your toes. (who knows where this came from??!!)
3. You love to have your toenails and fingernails painted.
4. You love to eat at Ta Molly's and will eat a large portion of cheese, guacamole, olives, and sometimes fajita chicken.
5. You say "I love you more" when we tell you we love you!
6. You love your big girl bed!
7. You love to play with your babies. Currently your main babies are Baby Darla, Dora (a cabbage patch), little baby, baby Sidney, Bobby, and Bobbie.
8. You love your milk.
9. You are a good eater, and are given a plate of whatever we have for dinner. Sometimes something different- you don't like fish!
10. You have discovered the wonderful world of chocolate!
11. Your favorite foods include muffins, chicken nuggets, mandarin oranges, grapes, ice cream.
12. You really like talking on the phone to your family, but love seeing your picture on Mommy and Daddy's phone and saying "I see Addison!"
13. You now have an opinion about your clothes and will request, OK demand, certain shoes sometimes!
14. You will say you want to go to Gymboree.
15. You easily recognize the Target symbol.
16. You like going to church and will say you want to go to church and play, play, play!
17. You will get a bow and ask if it matches your outfit!
18. You can undress yourself with some help with your shirt.
19. You can put your shoes and socks on by yourself as long as you don't get aggravated!
20. You say the blessing at most of our meals..."Thank you for food. AMEN!"
21. You love to sing and can sing many songs! Some of your favs include the ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Wheels on the Bus/Daddy on the tractor, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
22. You love books and can even "read" some of your favorites! You will fill in the words as I leave them out. You like to read any of the Princesses books, Someday, I Love You Through and Through, Twinkle Twinkle bedtime stories, Manger Story
23. You go to bed around 7:30 and sleep until around 7:00.
24. You are not wanting to nap at Mother's Day Out! You prefer to take a later nap than the noon to 1:30!
25. Your friends at Mother's Day Out include Riley Grace, Maybry, Faith, Jordan, Chloe.
26. You love gymnastics! You do an awesome Spider man up the wall!
27. You have a love hate relationship with Gunner. He bugs you, but you want him to show you attention. You got mad b/c he pops your balls, but you did not want him to get a spanken when he got Daddy's boot!
28. You like to box on the Wii.
29. You like bubbles in your bath!
30. You are loved more than you could ever imagine. You bring so much joy into your Mommy and Daddy's lives! We thank God for our very special gift!


two curly girls said...

What a sweet sentiment and tribute to your little lady! She is beatiful and what wonderful smocking on that bodice!!

Have a great week--enjoy!