Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bye Bye Crib, Bye Bye My Baby!

My baby is growing up. Grant and I often find ourselves saying, "She's such a little girl now." I am so proud of how Addison is growing and becoming more independent. She will put her dinner plate in the sink (or trash :)), she is completely potty trained (occasional accidents), she is getting better at undressing her self, putting on her shoes, brushing her teeth, and so on. She is my little girl! I am amazed at how I can have a conversation with her, and explain things to her with her understanding. All these things are soo exciting. But tonight I am emotional! This is her last night in her crib! She is spending the next 2 nights with her grandmothers so we can get moved. It hit me that this was going to be her last night in the rent house, and then it hit me her last night in her crib. When she comes home, we will be in the new house and she will have a big girl bed! Where does time go?!

Here are some picts of her posing in her crib. I also snuck in and took one of her sleeping. Oh how I love my baby, well um, my big girl!