Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My heart breaks

I am so sad tonight. I have heard so many heartbreaking things today. My heart is heavy, my eyes are filled with tears, and my prayers are many.

I am even more saddened by how I acted last week. Granted I can blame a lot on hormones, but how selfish can I be?! I had a pity party. I was ugly to my mother. I was mad at Grant, yet he didn't even know. Wow! And I have so much to be thankful for.

These people are struggling.

I can't share some names, but God knows who they are.

A little girl may be diagnosed with leukemia in the next few days. After many appointments, pain, and questions, she underwent some more tests, and they are waiting for the results. My heart breaks for this family.

A girl gave birth and began treatment for cancer that had metastasized from breast cancer to her liver, spine, and pelvis. I pray for her children, her husband, and of course her. Read her story here. Amanda tells more information.

A daddy has gone to heaven leaving his baby girl, and his newly pregnant wife. Here is her blog.

It is amazing what people go through in life and how they can go on. I know they can only gain strength in our Lord, and through prayers they achieve that. So please pray for these people.


two curly girls said...

I agree. :( I know that the Lord only presents us with challenges we can handle, but those heart wrenching burdens are too much and too unbearable. :( :(

Thanks for sharing their links.



Sarah said...

What you need to remember, my sweet friend, is what a precious gift YOU are and how we all have those days that we are less than proud of our actions. Praise God for friends like you who not only pray for and love their own friends but for those they don't even know, the lives of those whose stories touch your tender heart.

You are a wonderful and kind person! Thank you for sharing this so we can all be in prayer.

Paula said...

Gina-I am feeling the same way. How insignificant my problems are and there are these wonderful people suffering so much. Thank You for posting this though...I try to remember that God has a plan for us all, even if we dont understand why or how. But gosh, this is just so sad :(

Kristina said...

You are so sweet and such a wonderful person to mention these people that you do not even know well..such as my friends Bonnie and Thomas. My heart aches for her so much, her blog is very inspiring to me! I have also been reading about Harper, a friend of many it seems...thanks for all of your sweet thoughts and positive sweet personality!