Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addison's Pictures

I laughed with my sister today. I said I couldn't believe my 1st post had a picture of Addison in a T-shirt. She really isn't a T-shirt girl at all! If you ask her what she wants to wear she will answer, "A DRESS!" So I had to post some pics of Addison dressed more like she normally does! The 1st 2 pics are from our vacation in San Antonio this summer. She loves the fish flops she has on in the 1st one. The 3rd pict is at my mom's house and the last at the new house. My girly girl likes the dirt...but when she is done, she wants to quickly wash her hands!


Sarah said...

Beautiful girl! :) She looks JUST like you. I smiled at that first picture because she is your little Mini Me for sure!!!

I was the same way as a little girl...loved to put on a dress, then go play in the mud...but then it was time to get it OFF!

carrie said...

What a doll! I cannot wait to meet her. Makes me want one:)