Sunday, September 28, 2008

My dilemma

I really think I obsess about things too much. My current dilemma is a perfect example. I have to make a decision on our lighting soon! I had lighting for the kitchen picked out, but then I began over analyzing. So, I need opinions please! We are using a medium to dark cherry stain on the cabinets, a black stain on the island, stainless steel appliances, and black hardware (to pull the black stain from the island). We are using the oil rubbed bronzed hardware throughout the rest of the house (door knobs, plumbing, and light fixtures) The lighting for the kitchen I picked out has the oil rubbed bronze finish. So is this going to clash with the stainless? I don't think I want to go with a nickel finish, but I can't really find a black finish either that doesn't look like it belongs in farm house! The kitchen will have light over the island and 3 mini pendents over the bar. Please give me your opinion!


Sarah said...

I don't think it will clash. Although I am the same one that cried because she picked a white fridge when everything else is stainless steel and black. But really, so many things in the kitchen just seem to flow together, unless something is really off or wild, you know? Like a pink stove. That would be hot. :)