Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Day 5

Friday was suppose to be our no plan day, but since we kinda took that on Wednesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom instead. We had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey's. This was one of our favorite character meals! The characters spent a lot of time at each table, and the food was great!

So 2 of my favorite things are dressing my girls alike, and shopping at Gymboree! I bought the shirts the girls are wearing late in the summer for them to wear to the Animal Kingdom! I thought they were too cute! They both had giraffes on them.

We didn't take a lot of pictures at the Animal kingdom, but we had a fun day! The Christmas tree out front was neat- the decorations were all animal themed.

We watched the Lion King show...
We were getting ready to leave, and I asked about where we could find Pocahontas. She was at another section of the park where you had to ride a train to get there. We couldn't miss the chance so I strapped Ansley in the Moby Wrap, and away we all went. It was worth it! Addison was so excited to meet Pocahontas!

We were pretty pooped when we got back to the resort. We did a little packing, and then Grant and I took a cab into town, did a little outlet mall shopping, and went to eat at Charlie's- an awesome steakhouse.