Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Day 4

On day 4, Grant, Addison and I went to Hollywood Studios. Mom and Ansley decided they would sit this one out, too. We arrived at HS and got a Fastpass for the Rock "n" Rollercoaster and then we were lucky and were able to get on Tower of Terror with very little wait! Addison loved it, and told us for days that it was her favorite ride!

We had lunch reservations at Holly Vine and Dine. This was a good buffet lunch and we got to see some of Addison's favorite characters....The Little Einsteins!

Addison and June!

Twins! Ha! Leo liked Grant and thought with the hair and glasses they made a good pair!

Handy Manny!

Addison on a slide at the Honey I Shrank the Kids playground. This was neat, but Grant and I didn't really like how the kids could get out of sight so easily! We didn't stay there long.

Thursday night, we had tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It was still a tittle cool at night, so we bundled up and headed back to the Magic Kingdom. We got to ride some rides that we hadn't yet. We watched the Christmas parade, and then left mom and Ansley at the restaurant and rode a few more rides. It then "snowed" on Main Street. It was magical!!!

Cinderella's Castle lit up! It was beautiful!

Mom and the girls!