Sunday, October 31, 2010


So, I will be real. Grant and I went through a difficult time. It happens, I guess, even to the best of marriages. Grant really wanted us to get away and spend some time together. This was hard for me! I wanted to go with him, but leaving my babies is hard for me. Especially Ansley. She is still on breastmilk exclusively, so I had to haul the 'ol pump with me. Grant surprised me with where we were going- New York City! We didn't officially decide to go until that Tuesday! We went the first weekend of October. We had a blast, and really needed it! Grant planned the entire weekend, and made arrangements for the girls. I can not express how much it means to me to have the mom and mother in law that I have. There is no way I could have gone and enjoyed myself if I was concerned about the girls!
So we missed our first flight, and arrived in NY a little later than expected. Everything still fell into place perfectly!

We checked in our hotel, which was in a perfect location, then walked to Time Square! We then went looking for the Majestic Theater to watch Phantom of the Opera!

All smiles in Time Square!

On Saturday, we got up and walked to Central Park. We had brunch at Sara Beth's across from the park. We then took a cab to Wall Street and walked around down there.

We walked to Ground Zero, and I was surprised with how it affected me. There was a firefighter at this station just talking to people.

We took an amazing helicopter ride of Manhattan! It was awesome!

Saturday night, we had dinner reservations at a really nice restaurant. We love getting dressed up! I wish we had more picts, but we were running late for dinner so we only got this shot, with Grant's phone, afterwards. The restaurant was good, but we paid too much for food that was just good!

In fact, after we left, Grant was still hungry and snacked on a hot dog!

On Sunday, we got up and did some more shopping and walking around. We were sad to have to head to the airport!

Overall, it was an amazing trip! We have always loved to travel, and this definitely fell at the top of our favorite trips! I am so thankful to have a husband that likes to travel!