Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 months

Happy 5 months Ansley Sue!!!

You are a wiggle worm! It was so hard to get a picture this month. You kick your legs constantly!
You are such a happy girl! You are smiles most of the time! You started cereal this month, and still nurse several times a day. Your sleeping is sporadic. You sometimes sleep all night, but most of the time, you still wake at least once to nurse and then go right back to sleep. You sleep a total of 11 hours at night.

You still drool a lot! Your bottom teeth still have not come through! It is crazy! Your gums will get all swollen and it looks like they are going to break through, but they never do!

You are sitting better and better all the time! You love interacting with us, especially your sister! You laugh out loud. You enjoy your exersaucer. You are doing great at Ms. Devan's house. You even put yourself to sleep for your naps now!

And you gave up on sucking your now suck your middle and ring fingers.
Sweet, baby girl- you are so loved!