Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Tradtions

We actually cheated a little this year and celebrated Christmas Eve a little early at our house. We wanted to be able to spend "Christmas Day" playing and being together, instead of traveling to different Christmases. We knew Addison would want to enjoy her toys this year!
As posted earlier, Addison has been terrified of Santa for a couple of years now. She came with me to work on Wednesday, and this sweet Santa was able to coax her into his lap! She stood next to him at first and said "I want a Barbie house please!"

When we got home, we started our Christmas Eve Eve tradition. Grant, Addison and I exchanged presents. One of Addison's favorite presents was a doctor kit. She remembered that she had dress up scrubs and went and put them on to finish opening gifts! It was pretty cute!

She loved her FurReal kitty. She named it Sarah!

I got a deviled egg server I had on my wish list. I was impressed that Grant got this, and then he brought in my other gift- UGGs! I didn't get a picture, but I was thrilled. We were suppose to do only little gifts because we bought a new KING bed, but I gladly accepted them and they are awesome!

I got Grant a shirt, and felt guilty after opening my UGGs. I then remembered he had just bought himself a PS3 so I didn't feel as bad!

Playing doctor.

After gifts, we started getting ready for Santa!

We baked cookies, put on Christmas gown, and put Santa's cookies by the fireplace!

We all sat in front of the fireplace and read "The Night Before Christmas" and "The Christmas Story" We want to have fun with Santa, but also remember the real meaning of Christmas!

Since we don't have a chimney, we put a key out so Santa could come in. (Thanks Aunt Anna and Kane for this a couple of years ago!)

Then off to bed!

Gifts from Santa!

We spent the real Christmas Eve day playing! Christmas Eve night, Gigi and Michael came over and we had a nice dinner of Lasagna, Salad, and Bruschetta.

Love this picture! She put on her new Snow boots with her dress and wanted to dance with her daddy!


Suzy said...

What a fantastic Christmas! Love the Fancy Nancy doll. I see outfits for said doll for her future birthday...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Addison has a daddy like Grant That will dance with my sweet grandchild! How lucky for her to have such loving parents. I love you all! Nana

Kristina--Picky Tots said...

So sweet! Adalyn also got a Tag and loves playing doctor! Wish we lived closer. enjoying reading your blog posts!