Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One of those days...

Today was just one of those days where I seriously DID NOT want to get out of bed. I was up off and on all night coughing. Not a deep, productive cough, just one of those annoying coughs that is a result of the little itchy feeling in the back of your throat. I tend to get a sinus infection every year around this time, and I think it is coming on- UGH! I drank (ate?) honey by the tablespoons to help throughout the night, but I'm not sure it worked. I had to rush to get Addison and me out the door this morning and we ate breakfast in the car. I then got more information about a doctor who did not want to sign a prescription for therapy for a child I had tested because he did not agree with some of the issues. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff really upsets me! I want to justify my recommendations while screaming in his face- no just kidding, just would like to explain myself! But anyway, I then had a couple of rough sessions, ending with a normally compliant child that yelled at me to be quiet and then threatened me if I said "one more ting!" Yes I mean ting- remember I am a speech therapist! When I was done seeing children, and was working on the tons of paper work I have, I called Grant and he put me on speaker phone. He was sitting on the tub while Addison pooped- isn't he a good daddy??!! I told them we had 2 choices for dinner. Spaghetti or Cracker Barrel. They chose Cracker Barrel so when I got home we went and ate. We had a good dinner then decided to go get hot chocolate and look at lights. What a way to end the day! No matter how frustrating moments can be, making memories with my family makes me so happy! So today was one of those days- I made some memories with my two favorite people! It was a great day!