Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hurt Feelings

Well, today was the 1st day of school for many. I talked to several of my coworkers today that were worried about their little one's day. I didn't know I should worry about my baby! Addison started a new school about a month OK. Well, actually it is about 4 doors down from her MDO class, but this is considered day care and she can go 4-5 days a week. She seems happy now, but has needed time to adjust. Today she broke our heart. She told her daddy when he picked her up, and me when I got home...

"Girl A, Girl B, and Girl C made me cry today. They wouldn't let me play with them. They said I was too young."

What???!!! She is 3. Little girls aren't suppose to be like that. Oh wait! Yes they are. I can't stand the thought of her having her feelings hurt. I don't like not being able to fix it. Of course, she was done talking about it, and I am still worrying about it. I know she will be fine, and we talked about her other friends. She will be fine, won't she? I am reminded daily of just how much I love her, and how much I hurt when she hurts. This kind of love is just indescribable!

As I end this, I just want to say how proud I am of someone else that I love a lot. This mother is going through something terrible, but is able to hold her head high because of the type of person she is. She doesn't want her son to hurt. She will do everything she can to make sure this situation is as painless as it can be for her child! Even putting her feelings aside. I am so proud of you, and he will thank you some day for how you are handling this. You are amazing! God knows the situation, so lift them up!


Suzy said...

Oh! Doesn't it just bring out the mama bear in you? Bless little Addison's heart. And bless your friend's heart, too. Praying that tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

Tera Floyd said...

Oh Girl, I can't imagine what it is going to be like dropping Porter off at daycare let alone school! We just pray that he is not Girl A, B Or C... at least you know Addison is not like that (not that hearing her cry is any easier). Also, your friend and her son are in our heart, thoughts and prayers. We need to meet for lunch one day. Love ya.

Paula said...

Oh I know the feeling..I hate it when kids are mean or leave one of the boys out. My little one, Tucker, usually gets left out or has to play "the bad guy" or "the monster" all the time while older brother and his friends get to be the superheroes. I get so frustrated...but also have seen Tucker take up for himself or just go play something else.
Point is, you and Addison are not alone. You are doing the right thing-just encourage her and try to stay positive.
Speaking of, Im really happy that schools are now enforcing "No Bullying" rules. They are pretty strict out here about it, so hopefully as our little ones get older and the bullying/excluding, etc. gets worse, schools/teachers will recognize it and step in.

Katie said...

Sweet little Addison!!! That would break my heart too!!!