Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vacation Time

We left for vacation on May 3rd. It took us forever to decide where we were going. About 3 weeks before we left we decided to go on a cruise out of Mobile, Alabama. We originally said we weren't going on vacation because we are still doing things for the house. BUT we LOVE vacation!! We went from camping at the lake, to going to Dallas, to going to Gulf Shores, to the cruise. The cruise was suppose to go to Mexico, but with the Swine Flu outbreak, the itinerary changed. We knew the Holiday was a "small" ship, but we were excited to get away! We drove to Mobile on Sunday. Addison didn't sleep at all, but made it fine. I think I brought too many toys! She was excited about all the knew things she had to play with and never closed those eyes!

We ended up booking a hotel on the road. I had read about this hotel that was close to the port that you could stay there and they would transport you to the ship. We don't know how people use to travel. We both had our phones, mine with Internet access, our laptop with a wireless Internet card, a GPS, and a DVD player. We were technologically prepared!

Addison thought she was so big pulling a suitcase!

We woke up on Monday to tornado warnings and yucky rain. The rain settled down and we were able to tour the ship.

This was the boarding picture. Yes-I planned our matching outfits!

We found the little play area...sliding is sooo much fun!

Yeah! We are on vacation!

We found the children's pool where we would spend most of the trip. Addison called it "my pool" or "Nemo pool" It was only a foot deep, and filled with salt water.

Running around on the putt putt course.

Looking out the window as we were leaving port!

Our first animal! This became something we looked forward to each night- seeing what animal would be waiting for us!

Day 2
Fun day at sea! We pretty much spent the entire day at the children's pool. Addison had so much fun there and made a lot of friends. They would play in the water and then play on the little playground area. Most of the pool picts and beach picts I took on the trip were on the water camera. I haven't had it developed yet! So no day pictures for this day!

This was the professional photo we had made. I thought it turned out good even though Addison wasn't smiling! This was the last time we matched on vacation! Grant was a little embarrassed but I guess until he learns to pack, he will have to wear what I pick!

Gigi had given Addison these princesses for different occasions. They are really small, but saved us big time several times during the trip. Addison loves them and they were able to occupy her when she wasn't being very patient!

Dinner time picture! Chicken nuggets again tonight for Addison! Grant and I had lobster and split a fillet! YUM!

Handsome Daddy!

Pretty girl posing on the ship.

Day 3

We didn't plan anything for our day at Key West. We just got up and had breakfast in the dining room the only time the whole trip. The other mornings we ate the buffet. After breakfast, we got off the ship and walked around a little while buying a couple of things and doing a little sight seeing. We then went back to the practically empty ship and went to the pool. We pretty much had it to ourselves!

Posing at Key West. The water was beautiful!

Addison and Grant in front of the ship at Key West.

Addison wanted her picture taken in front of the big ice cream!

We had an extra animal today! They straightened our room while were out and made this little guy!

Dinner time! Chicken nuggets again tonight!

The Swan was on the bed after dinner!

Day 4

We arrived in Freeport, Bahamas around 6:30 ship time. We were on a bus heading to the Wyndham Viva All Inclusive Resort by 7:00 am. It took around 45 minutes to get there. We ate their breakfast buffet which was OK, and had hot dogs on the beach for lunch. Addison thought that was neat-eating on the beach. It was a pretty beach and the water was beautiful. The resort was nice, but nothing spectacular. We had a blast playing on the beach. We built a sandcastle, jumped in the water, and Addison and I went for a long walk down the beach. We were only there for 4 hours, but it was plenty of time for Addison to enjoy the beach experience!

Addison and her daddy looking out at the water.

Digging her toes into the sand.

Mustard/ketchup face after the hot dogs!

We got back on the boat and yes, ate the lunch buffet. We waited to see the ship leave then headed in for a nap. Once again, Addison was sooo worn out, she went to sleep. Grant and Addison went to the pool after her nap (we promised she could, which made going in for the nap easier) and I got dressed and ironed their clothes for dinner.

Addison loved wearing this hat. She really was all dolled up and received lots of attention!

A nice lady offered to take our picture!

This was made by a professional photographer on the ship. Addison had a ball posing! They only had 8 x 10s that were $22 dollars so I only bought one.

Posing at dinner

Our waiters! These guys were fantastic! On a cruise, you sit at an assigned table and have the same servers every night if you choose to eat in the dining room. After the first night, they always had our table ready for us...booster seat, special cup for Add, only necessary utensils for Addison, kids menu and crayons. The head waiter, had a daughter that he hadn't seen for several months. We found this with several workers on the ship. They would ask how old Addison was and then tell us they had a daughter/son at home (from all over the world). They said they worked for 8 months at a time and then had 3 months off. This was sad to Grant and me. I can't imagine being away from my family!

Nighttime animal and no hat. We walked outside and Grant picked Addison up. "The wind got my hat and threw it in the ocean!" We heard this a thousand times after it happened. She even told everyone when we got home. She really was upset and cried and cried! Grant convinced her that Nemo was sleeping in it so that made her feel better. (My friend Heather found the hat once we got home, so it has been replaced)

Day 5
This was another Fun Day at Sea. We actually started our day dressed instead of heading straight to the pool. We walked around taking some pictures, played putt putt, and then went to the pool.

This was Addison's favorite hole. She kept putting the ball through the log!

Posing by the pool.

Here are some of the friends Addison made. It was really neat seeing her play with other children and interact with them. There were some pretty cute conversations!

The last night was the only night we weren't sure we would make it to dinner. Addison did not want to wake up from her nap and she was quite the bear when she finally did wake up! Grant finally left and went on to the dinning room and ordered for us. Addison finally got going and we made it fine. After dinner, we went to the closing show. It was really good and Addison (and the princesses) seemed to enjoy it. It was a Country Music show, but the dancers were fun to watch. We had everything packed and ready to go when we went to bed.

Me, a bear? No way! The last meal...Addison actually ate a hot dog this night!

A heart on the last night!

We really had a great time! At times, Addison would ask if we were going back on the boat and we had to show her the water all around us. She would forget we were on the ship! On the last day, Addison kept with the tradition of getting sick! At breakfast she gagged and then puked! She asked me "momma what I do?" I felt so sorry for her. She recovered after one more episode! I had Zofran to give her in case this happened but Grant didn't want to give it to her since she had never had it before. So much for me trying to be prepared. I put a plastic bib on her while we disembarked just in case. People looked at her kinda funny- a normal looking almost 3 year old with a bib! Oh well!


Katie said...

She looks SO big in that professional pic with the hat on!! Looks like a fun trip!!

Paula said...

What a fun trip! Now I cant wait to take the boys on a cruise!

Gigi said...

I'm so glad the princess dolls got to go EVERYWHERE with you!! I want copies of some of the pictures. I need a new one of Add for my office.

Kristina said...

These pictures and posts are awesome!!!