Monday, May 18, 2009

Playhouse, Easter Eggs, and Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter weekend. We bought Addison a playhouse from Sam's. Grant couldn't wait to put it together. Gigi and Michael came over on Saturday to help with the building. Our yard looked liked a lumber yard!

Working hard! But didn't get close to finishing this weekend!

Then Saturday night, we dyed Easter eggs. It is so fun now that Addison really gets in to things and understands what is going on.

Of course we had the princess dyeing kit!

The completed eggs.

I decided to try sponge rollers in Addison's hair for Easter Sunday. She was excited about having curls in her hair! Here she put her Easter basket out for the Easter Bunny to fill.

The Easter bunny came and most the rollers stayed in. Addison went straight for the DBD as she calls DVDs! She also got finger nail polish, bunny straw cup, Aerial bubble blower, books, swimsuit (tradition that my mom did for my sister and me) sunglasses, and chocolate bunny.
We were running late and didn't get any pictures of us dressed for church. Gi and Michael went to church with us. We tried to take picts after church but my battery died! I couldn't believe we didn't get any pictures! It was raining like crazy on Easter. We went to Mimi's cafe and ate then came home. Grant worked on the playhouse for a while and we watched Pinocchio. It was a great day!