Monday, December 1, 2008

To God be the Glory!

I wanted to share this little story. You hear how God will provide if you trust in Him. You hear sermons about the importance of willingly tithing and how God will give back to you. You know this, but when once again God comes through it is wonderful to sit down and say "Thank You God"

Confession- Grant and I have not been tithing like we should. We went through a spell where we were visiting churches a little closer to us and just got "out of the habit." Well, money is tight right now with finishing the house and buying for Christmas. We have had some sermons lately that have really spoken to both of us. Grant kept saying, "remind me to send our tithes." Yes, we do them electronically. Anyway, the other night I asked him if he had sent our tithes yet. He said no, and that he would do it right then. He asked how much I thought we should do (No we didn't figure out 10% like we usually do) We both just felt led to give a certain amount. We both had the same number in mind! Grant sent the money and then said something about my bonus I just received at work. It was the same amount! We really didn't have that extra lump sum amount to give right now, but we both feel strongly about tithing and knew we needed to make up for some lost time. God knew all along what we would do, and how he would provide!

Thanks be to God and his willingness to always accept us back!