Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fun Friday the 5th

On Friday, we got up and had breakfast.  The kiddos ate outside.  The weather was just perfect the whole weekend!  The kids enjoyed playing!  After a short little nap for Isaac, we headed to the Crater of Diamonds Water Park. It was perfect for our children.  They all had a blast!

Porter and Ansley had a big time playing and just being silly! 

This boy is crazy about his daddy!  Such a sweet baby!  

Porter and his daddy had a big time!

This little cutie loved splashing around! 

Addison had a big time.  She enjoyed the bigger slides, but also had fun helping the little ones! 

These 4 kiddos have my heart!  Such sweet cousins!  I love Ben so much and I'm so proud of the man he is.  He is an amazing father, and these 2 boys are so lucky to have him!  I LOVE that they are calling us Aunt Gina and Uncle Grant.  Porter also will call Addison "sissy" sometimes!  It is so funny!