Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Fun!

We got up on the 4th and headed to Murfreesboro! Aunt Jean and Uncle Roger were in from FL and Ben and the boys came for the long weekend, too! We had a blast! The kiddos play so well together! We got a surprise and got to see Tommy, Celina and baby Olivia who also were in for the  weekend. They stopped by mom's along with Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom.
We went swimming at Uncle's Buddy's bed and breakfast, and picked blueberries when we got back to nana and daddy dick's! Everyone came over and we had BBQ shrimp and then shot some fireworks! l
We were worn out!  It was a busy day!  I was getting the girls' bath ready and I couldn't find Ansley.  I finally found her in bed with Isaac and Porter!  She really didn't want  a bath!  She wanted to just go on to sleep!