Saturday, June 29, 2013

Florida Fun

We got to Destin before lunch on Sunday. Gi and Michael went on to the beach to get us chairs rented for the week. The four of us explored the village and then ate with Grammy and Gdad for lunch. We waited forever to get checked in, but we had a good time!
Monday, we ate breakfast and then headed to the beach. The tram took forever so we decided we would drive! We were at Sanddestin Village which is across the street from the beach. The parking at the beach was close and easy though!
We left the beach and stopped at the pool for a bit. We decided to eat in the village since we had 2-3 year olds going with no naps!!!😫😫😫😫we stopped to take a few pictures on our way back!
Gi had left dinner with Luke and we had to get her dinner to go. Luke crashed while waiting and then the poor fellow woke up.