Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun week

On Monday, I planted the flowers we bought on Sunday! I LOVE flowers. I'm very pleased with how the pots turned out! Ansley took the picture of me hard at work!
Wednesday, I took the girls to get haircuts at Pigtails and Crewcuts. We did a little shoe shopping and got a sweet treat! We went to Hobby Lobby to get ribbon for Ansley's cake! The girls were great and we had fun!
Thursday, Ansley and I spent the day getting things ready for her party. We did a little wal mart shopping (with a chocolate donut), watched it rain, made mouse plates, and got a little cuddle time in!

waiting for haircuts is so much fun! 

We paid for the donut before we shopped!  Note her new shoes! That girl likes some sparkle! 

Being silly while making the plates! 

Ansley looked outside and said, 'Mama, God made that rain!' So sweet!