Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Last Sunday was just about the most perfect day. Our Sunday School class had a picnic and the children played at the park. We came home and the girls played outside with neighbors and then Ansley and I went to Mary's Place for flowers. It was a beautiful day!

My sweet, precious Addison.  She has changed so much lately.  She dropped a strawberry on her shirt, and so we had to tie it to the side to cover the stain!

She rocked the monkey bars!  

My friend Gina brought Pipa.  Ansley was in love.  She did such a good job taking care of her! 

Grant even had to love on "the waste of dog parts" too! 

My little helper at Mary's!  We had fun picking out flowers.  I'm pretty sure a few flowers were snuck into the wagon!