Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Murfreesboro Trip

On July 29th, the girls and I went to Murfreesboro for two nights. Grant had a project going on at work and was going to be working a lot. It was my cousin Nathan's birthday so we ate dinner with the whole family on my mom's side on Thursday night. It was good to see everyone! We stayed at my Granny Sue's house so we could spend some time with her. Addison spent one night with Mom and Dad and had fun! When we arrived, Granny had had someone make Enchiladas and they were awesome. The whole trip seemed like a mini vacation for me! I went to see my almost 90 year old grandmother, and she wanted to take care of me! Friday morning, Ansley and I got up. I immediately smelled coffee and bacon. Granny had prepared breakfast for me! After breakfast, I had a pedicure appointment. My dad surprised me by paying for it! Mom and Addison came to Granny's and played while I was gone. After the pedi, I did a little shopping. I had fun! Friday afternoon, we went over to a friend of my sister's house to swim. Addison did great!

Addison and Kane doing puzzles...

Ansley getting some loving from Granny Sue

Bathing Beauty#1

and #2

It was nice getting to spend some time with my family!