Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breastfeeding and a Not so Toothless Grin!

I just found out that this is World Breastfeeding Week! I read a great post on Danya's blog about her journey and thought this would be a good time to talk about some changes with Ansley. On Ansley's birth post, I talked about how she was nursing 30 minutes after her birth! I couldn't believe how easy things were going with her! We had such a difficult time with Addison eating and gaining weight, I didn't know breastfeeding could be easy! Well, Ansley nurses for food. She's not a big comfort nurser, and once she was past those first few sleepy weeks, she hasn't been one to nurse to sleep. Now at night she does, but, for the most part, during the day she stays on the eat/play/sleep schedule. That's why the whole bottle issue really surprised me! I got a phone call from MDO last Monday. Ansley had had a rough morning :( She was crying, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't take her bottle. I went and got her, and brought her to work with me. It was a rough day, and I ended up leaving early. Long story, short- Ansley is now going to work with me on at least Mondays. She has been doing good with the bottles from my mom and MIL, so it is just a relief when they have her. Mom ended up staying with her Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and plans to continue 2 days on her weeks until Ansley is a little older. She even took 17 oz yesterday while I was gone!
So why did I decide to talk about this during Breastfeeding Week? Whether or not to breastfeed was not an option for me. This is a decision that Grant and I made, and we feel this is best for us! I was amazed at the people who asked me if I was going to just quit breastfeeding since she wasn't taking a bottle well. I thought this was crazy! There have been some hard days, some really low days when I have been discouraged about doing what was best for my baby, yet her crying and not eating when I wasn't there. I have spent a lot time reading suggestions, talking to lactation consultants, and praying! I just felt this was our difficult time, where we just had to cross those hurdles that so many have to face when breastfeeding is a priority! We didn't have the hard time at first, and I am so thankful for that. I feel now, we are on the downhill slide, and we have worked through this difficult time!
On another note, during all this, Ansley starting biting me! We have finally figured out that she is teething! She has a tooth on the left side coming in, and the same tooth on the right side is on its way. Her gum is white and swollen! I feel this didn't help the bottle situation, either!
So for now, we are trying to give her bottles more often. It's sooo hard to do during the week though! She seemed to do fine this Tuesday with mom even though she hadn't had one since last Thursday. I am just hoping she will transition to a cup, and we can just start using one in the next couple of months.
I love that sweet baby!