Sunday, June 20, 2010

This and That

Just a little about all that is going on...

Ansley is really smiling now and has been for a couple of weeks. I love it! She finds her daddy pretty silly! I took a few pictures of them playing! Of course, I called Grant in there because she was so happy, but he didn't think to take pictures of us playing! HA! I thought this picture turned out neat!

I persuaded Grant to take a nap with Ansley on Saturday afternoon and went outside with Addison. I let her play in the sprinkler for a little while. We also tossed the ball back and forth and if you didn't catch it, you had to run through the sprinkler. We had fun! I wanted to take her picture because her bathing suit was super cute. She was such a ham! Work it girl!

In other news, we are swaddle weaning here! Ansley really responded well to swaddling, but I am trying to get her where she can sleep without being swaddled, too. Her startle response is so intense she always wakes herself up. I read to undo one arm at a time to get them use to it. So this week during her daytime naps, I have left her right arm out! She had done pretty good with it!

Addison drew a picture today of Ansley. She even included the unswaddled arm! I thought it was hilarious!

On another note...we are also working on trying to get Ms. Pris to take a bottle. We are trying everything...nipples, bottles, positions, environments, etc. etc.! We aren't having much success! Mom is coming this week to help so we shall see! I've really stressed about this but I have given it to God and I am confident it will work out. I talked to the Lactation Consultant at our Pediatrician's office and she brought up the fact that some babies this age are sleeping 8-10 hours at night without eating. If Ansley refuses to take a bottle then she will just reverse feed and eat at night. This actually made me feel much better!

Life is good. Overwhelming at times. But good! Thank you Lord for answering prayers in Your way, thank you Grant for being a great Daddy and husband, and thank you Momma! You do a little of everything!

I am listening to Grant snore over the monitor, so I think I will join him! I probably just missed out on the longest period of Ansley's sleep for the night!


Danya said...

Gina, Ansley is getting SO big and is so beautiful! I love it when they first start smiling! That first picture with Grant in the mirror is so neat also! What a beautiful, blessed family you have :)