Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother of 2

A good friend of mine who has a newborn asked me which was harder- being a first time mom with Addison, or having two children. I told her being a first time mom. I asked Grant the same question and he agreed. Overall, we are doing great! I am much calmer this time, and I just don't sweat the small stuff! With that said it is soo hard trying to divide my time between the girls. I have been taking Addison to school 2-3 days a week to keep her in her routine, and to give Ansley and me some time alone. When I have them both here, it is a constant game of trying to occupy one or the other. If Ansley is asleep, and actually not in my arms, I try to play with Addison. This leaves little to no time for housework, etc. It all seems to work and Grant helps a lot when he gets home. I had quit buying paper plates because I was going a little green, but the paper goods are back!

If I am having somewhat of a stressful day, I just think of how lucky I am to have these 2 beautiful girls!

Ansley at 2 weeks

Here we are on Mother's Day. We went to Murfreesboro to see my mom and to see some of my other family. We made to church and Ansley surprised us all by making it through church! Funny thing Addison did- My mom was playing the organ at church, but came to sit with us during the sermon. Grant was convinced we wouldn't make it to church, and was hoping we wouldn't! When mom sat down beside Addison, Addison leaned over and said, "Nana, my daddy didn't want to come to church!" Guess she was telling on him. We got so tickled!

After church, we got a shot of Mom with her children and grand children.

One of the main reasons we went to Murfreesboro was to see Granny Sue. She hasn't been feeling real well, and had not met Ansley yet. We were able to spend most of the afternoon at her house, while several people came by meet Ansley.

My cousin Allison with Ansley. My Aunt Margaret wasn't feeling too good, so she didn't hold Ansley. We were glad she came and got to see her anyway!

My cousin Nathan also came by to meet Ansley Sue!
It was a great day and we managed to make it to Murfreesboro and back without stopping to feed! We weren't sure how Ansley would do since she eats pretty much every 2 hours, but she made it fine!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Seriously? You think it's easier with two? UGH! I live in chaos with mine! When my oldest was born, nobody was allowed to touchher until they used Purell. By the 4th child, you'll just let their diapers rot off. HA! Just kidding.

I'm so glad y'all are doing so well. We miss you like crazy. Lawson's been saying "baby" a lot from looking at Ansley's picture.