Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mayflower vist

Although Grant has still had a little odds and ends to complete, the Mayflower house/cabin is complete!! Gaywyn and Gary stayed the first night the weekend after Ansley was born, or maybe around the time (it all is a little blurry!:)) she was born. So, the weekend of May 1st, we went to see the finished product and spend a little time with the family. They hadn't (and still haven't) got their furniture in yet, so we sat on the outside furniture, but we had a nice visit.

Ansley enjoyed a long nap on G Dad's chest...

Addison enjoyed reading books with Grammy...

And Grant enjoyed fishing with his new pink Barbie fishing pole...HA! Can you tell he is a daddy to little girls! Addison enjoyed fishing for a little while, but let her daddy take over when there wasn't much action!

I finally got a picture of Ansley with her Aunt Gigi! I didn't get any pictures of Luke though! He is growing and is just adorable!