Monday, November 9, 2009


Grant and Addison left Friday morning, and Mom was on her way up here. When she got here we ran to Red Box and got some movies. We watched one movie, but then I was exhausted and ready to turn in. I was asleep by 9:00. I went to bed not knowing where Mom would sleep. I didn't want to be too big of a baby and ask her to sleep with me, but I didn't want to need her in the middle of the night and her not hear me. It brought me peace when I woke around 2:30 and she was sleeping beside me. Guess we never quit being our Mamma's baby!
Saturday morning was pretty uneventful. I pretty much sat around while mom waited on me. I figured out that the spasms occurred primarily when I was up and about or if I had been up and sat down. So in order to avoid the painful little things, I didn't move much, and still haven't. Sorry if this is TMI, just click off the blog now. This is my journal, and I have had several friends and family members call, text, and e-mail me to check on things. I am a prayer warrior and want as many prayers as possible so I want you to know what you are praying for!
Saturday afternoon, I noticed blood in the catheter bag. I called medical exchange, and the nurse told me to go on to the ER. So mom and I (and my large night time catheter, and my other full catheter bag in a Kroger bag, (we were a sight)), headed to Baptist. We waited for an hour until we were moved to a room in the ER. A very nice, yet OLDER, dr came in. He wanted a urine sample (I just sat there :)), and blood work. I requested to hear baby. Labor and Delivery nurses arrived right after a "messy" spasm, but seeing them lifted my spirits. She tried and tried, but once again, this little stubborn mess, wanted us to see him/her so it wouldn't let us see the heartbeat. They left to go get the portable ultrasound machine and the lady came in to do my labs. After a few prayers, mom leaving the room so she wouldn't faint, and three sticks, she finally had success. Why the only little thing God blessed me with was little veins, I don't know! By this time the labor/delivery nurses were back, and we saw a waving little baby- ooops I actually just typed boy, hum??!! No indication on the ultrasound of the sex, just a beating heart, open mouth and waving hand! Beautiful!
The ER dr came back in. He announced there was still infection showing up in the analysis which was probably causing the blood. He consulted the on call OB and they decided to leave in the catheter, so I wouldn't end up like I had on Thursday and be back in the ER. So 4 hours later, we left the ER knowing baby was OK, I had an infection, which we suspected, and I am to continue drinking lots of liquids.
Eventful day, but all ended well. I feel God had already answered so many prayers this weekend. I missed a call from my nurse Sheila on Friday morning. I was so upset, and just prayed that she would call back and she did. Addison had a fun weekend! The baby is doing OK, and I didn't have to stay in the hospital. Now I just pray for my appointment tomorrow. The plan is to remove the catheter, allow me to go on my own, put the cath back in to make sure the bladder is empty, and if all goes well and my prayers are answered, remove the catheter and life resumes as normal! Please pray! I actually want to go back to work! I will update tomorrow!
In closing- Addison's prayer last night-

Dear God,
Kingdom come, your be done
Help heal mommy so she can get this bag off her leg
so she will feel better