Monday, November 30, 2009


Grant and I went to Chicago a couple of weekends ago. We had a blast.! Our 10 year anniversary will be arriving right after our new little bundle of joy comes, so we didn't think we would be celebrating then. We decided to go somewhere now, before I got too big and uncomfortable. We decided on Chicago, and I'm glad we did. We stayed at the Omni on the Magnificent Mile. We didn't leave this area, and didn't even go into every store. We shopped, walked, and ate. The Holiday parade was going on and we watched a little of it on Saturday night. It was a fun trip! We missed Addison a lot- and a lot more than she missed us! She stayed one night with each grandparents.

I had Gaywyn take my picture before we left for the airport on Friday morning. I am 16 weeks- 4 months! I forgot to rotate the picture before I posted- sorry!

Friday for lunch, we ate Chicago style pizza! It was yummy! Friday night, we shared a burger at Cheesecake Factory because we both wanted our own cheesecake!

On Saturday, we went to the John Hancock tower. We went to the lounge area and got a perfect window seat! I even enjoyed a Rush Street Martini- a refreshing virgin drink with various fruit juices!

The view was amazing! Grant was pretty impressive with his knowledge of the various skyscraper stats- well he used his iphone impressively well to obtain this knowledge anyway! Ha!

We arrived at the airport too early on Sunday, but were able to catch an earlier flight. We arrived in LR, then went and ate at On the Border and did a little Christmas shopping at Toys-R-Us before heading back to the airport to get our luggage. Then we went home and waited on Addison's arrival! It sure was good to see her!