Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary! It's been nine years!

On June 3rd, Grant and I celebrated our 9th anniversary! I can't believe it has been that long. I thought I would share a little about our wedding day!

Here we are! The happy couple. We had all our pictures made b/f hand. So far, it hasn't jinxed us! HA! Grant was very late, but I never worried. He was sure about getting married even if he was 19! Yes, that is right! Grant was 19 and I had just turned 21. The honeymoon had to be booked in my name b/c of our ages! He turned 20 in July though. So the day didn't go perfect... The photographer had to help me into my dress. I had a slight panic attack b/f walking down the aisle b/c I didn't want all those people looking at me! It rained on my wedding day. My train fell into a mud puddle upon arriving at the reception. We or I guess I, left our plane tickets, cruise information, etc. in a bag at my mom and dad's house. My in laws had to (very kindly offered) bring us our documents in the middle of the night. Yes, who plans on seeing your new in laws in the middle of your wedding night??!! But you know what?? We were married despite everything else, and I can honestly say nine years later I am so glad we were! I love you honey!

So please participate...even those of you who don't usually comment! (It is not hard to set up a google account and you won't be signing up for any thing else!! ) What do you remember about your wedding day? Did anything go wrong or was everything perfect? HA! How long have you been married! I am hoping some of my family who read this will know who you are!!!


Amy said...

Eric and I have been married for FIFTEEN YEARS! Wow! Just little things went mom got a migraine so she wasn't at the church to fix my hair, I got grease from the bathroom stall door on my wedding dress 30 minutes before the wedding (my bridesmaids got it out with hairspray), my uncle gave me away and he didn't get to the church until about 5 minutes before the wedding about having a panic attack! Ha! I actually did better back was a wonderful day. There's not much I would have changed. Especially not the groom...want to keep him FOREVER! :)

Katie said... guys were babies when you got married!!

Brian and I have been married almost 4 years. I remember almost throwing up right before I walked down the aisle bc I was SO nervous! After the reception, a car drove us from NLR to Benton. When we woke up the next morning (in our new home that wasn't fully unpacked) we realized we didn't have our vehicals, cell phones or any money. My parents were planning on bringing us our car, but we had to call them first! Our phone wasn't set up yet at our house either. We found some change in random boxes and Brian has to run a mile and a half to a gas station to call! (we didn't have any neighbors yet!) To makes matters even worse....all of our family's numbers are programmed in our phones and we didn't know anyones phone number! Brian had to call his grandpa (the only number he knew) and have his grandpa call his dad...and have his dad call my mom to tell them to bring us our car!! Then he had to run the mile and 1/2 home!

When we left for our honeymoon...for some reason we thought it would be ok to get to the airport 30 minutes before our international flight left! We missed it! I cried and we were put on another flight that left an hour later.


Paula said...

Fun Post! COngrats! Brad and I have been married 6 years (on June 14th). My mom was really nervous and kept misplacing things, such as my guest sign-in book-which was a kinda expensive book of matted engagement pictures. I was so mad at her! (which obviously is silly now...but at the time) We found it just in time for the wedding. Lets see-if rained on me just as I was walking outside up to the church. But just a little sprinkle. Once we got to the reception, I searched and searched for my "throw bouquet" which my florist forgot. So I ended up wasting like 30 minutes of the reception looking, then finally just used one of my bridesmaid's bouquets.
But like you said, we got married and lived happily ever thats all that matters!!

Suzy said...

I left my strapless bra at home (it was necessary so someone ran home to get it), there were supports down the aisle (how had I missed that before?), my half sister insisted on doing my makeup and I thought I looked a bit like a clown - or worse, and like you said we were just as married when it was all over. It'll be 24 years ago this year.

Danya said...

Happy Anniversary! (Belated).

I was super stressed the morning of my wedding because my husband was supposed to take a FINAL that morning! I had my best friend call him and he kept acting like he wasn't going to take it. I was so stressed out thinking he wasn't going to take his stinkin' final!

Our wedding was supposed to be outside and it rained...up until 30 minutes before. I was so happy it cleared up, but then it was so hot and humid from the rain that everyone was dying outside!

My chest was heaving so bad from being nervous that my in-laws thought I was going to faint!

But, overall, no complaints and lots of great memories!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!

Justin and I have been married for 12 years. We also were babies when we married....I was 18 and he was 19! My favorite memory is the quiet morning I spent w/just my parents before heading to the church. I am actually one of those brides whose wedding day went smoothly. It had rained the night before but was only cloudy for the wedding. I do remember getting the giggles during the song. My pregnant sister was sitting in the front row boo-hooing (not my parents!). The preacher marrying us was my brother-in-law and he kept giggling/snickering about my sister. At one point he had to turn his head to keep from laughing out loud which caused us to get the giggles!

Someone did get their car stuck at the church and had to be pulled out but we didn't know about it until we returned home from our honeymoon!

Holly Crutchfield said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved reading your post and everyone's response. Ty and I have been married 6 years (May 31st). I had a great day until one of my bridesmaid's had to be saraned wrapped into her bridesmaid dress! She was naked and we were wrapping her with the wrap so she could fit into her dress that she bought too small! We had to take scissors and cut the wrap because the dress had an opening between the bust and when she walked down the aisle you could hear the wrap making noises! The wedding went well, but Ty and I kissed twice. For some reason the preacher told us, kiss the bride and we kissed before the unity candle. He then announced us as husband and wife and we kissed again! We also went to Las Palamas (Ty's request) after we left the reception. I felt kind of weird eating in a Mexican restaurant after our wedding, but it was good and we laugh about it today!

Tiffany Talbert said...

I love all the stories. Warning mine might be a bit long! Zack and I have been married for 2 years (yesterday).I know not that long compared to all of yall. I was sick as a dog the day of my wedding with my ulcerative colitis (which later led to me having my colon removed) and bronchitis. Our preacher had just gotten out of the hospital for a stomach virus and passed it on to Zack to so he was sick as well and the preacher could hardly stand up at the wedding he was so sick. I was so sick and my voice was so deep b/c of the bronchitis that I sounded like a man, but the whole church could hear Everyone was feeding me cough med and throat losengers before the wedding (I was very We went to Mexico on our honeymoon but we were both already sick (we didn't catch it in Mexico). Zack was throwing up in the airport before we even left. We get to Mexico and b/c of my bronchitis/sinus infection my ear drum almost burst on the plane. I had to see the resort doctor who then preceded to give me a shot in the butt. He got the shot out of his car but said my eardrum would burst without it b/c it was in his words," a nasty infection". Then he said I would need a shot of anitbiotics for at least 3 nights and he wanted me to take some other Mexican drug they don't sell here. Well, b/c of the strong antibiotics they gave me those of you who know what Ulcerative Colitis is can just guess what it did to me. Zack and I literally spent the entire honeymoon in our bathroom! I had 102 fever and it was 105 degrees outside there. Our phone bill was so high for me calling my pharmacy in Benton and them having to research the medicine they were giving me. The next night the "paramedic" gave me the shot. They don't even know what gloves are over there by the way. He gave me the shot in the butt then he stuck the needle IN THE RESORT BED to hold it while he put my bandaid on. Yes this is the bed that you would sleep in if you booked that room! Zack and I looked at each other at that moment and said we are getting the heck out of here (afraid I would catch something from them that I couldn't get rid of) so 2 days after we left we were back in Benton. But on the way from Houston to Benton the plane took off and about 5 min into the flight on this 20 seater plane in the rain they said the cabin light says the door is open but we have a full tank of gas so we will have to fly around for 25 minutes before we can land back at Houston and check it. It was like midnight, raining and I was freaking out but Zack had passed out on 3 Dramamines b/c he was so sick and had no idea what was going on. I literally had to lift his head up for the stewardist to put his snack on his table and he never even knew it. So we went back to Houston (could've been in LR by then) and it was just a light malfunction. At the airport in Cancun Zack would sit with the luggage while I would run/sprint to the bathroom then I would stay and he would go, then I would go, then he would go, etc., etc. etc. So someday we are going to make up for that honeymoon!