Thursday, March 29, 2012

San Antonio Spring Break 2012 Part 1

The four of us went to San Antonio for spring break.  It was probably the best vacation we have ever been on!  We had so much!  Even the drive wasn't too bad.  I gave the girls treats/prizes periodically along the way.  We stopped outside of Dallas going down there and spent the night.  We couldn't wait to get there.   

We had to stop at a Pappasito's!  It's our favorite Mexican food, and its only in Texas!  

We checked in our hotel and then went straight to Sea World.  We took Addison there when she was 2, but of course, she didn't remember anything! 

The next day, we went to Six Flags.  There was plenty for the girls, and the weather was perfect.  

That night, we went to the River Walk for dinner.  A storm came in so we had to hurry!  We still ate dinner, took some pictures and got some ice cream!