Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Firsts

Here are a few pictures of a few firsts going on around here! Ansley is taking gymnastics for the first time! I had her in the 2 & 3 year old class but quickly realized that wasn't going to work! We are now doing a mommy & me class. I was about to pull her out completely but gave her "one more chance." It was like she knew and that night did much better. She just does not do well with people she doesn't know. She still ignores the teachers, but she is participating more! This class allows me to be out there with her. One night she refused to do anything, but when we got in the car she sang the goodbye song. In the bathtub, she broke out some awesome tabletops! She's just a mess!
Ansley has finally figured out the headphones in the car! Now she'll scream "I can't hear it" until they are on! She fell asleep after spending the day watching the game in Mayflower at the cabin!
Addison decided she was ready for a chapter book! We bought one on a Friday afternoon and by Monday, she had finished it. Junie B Jones- Handsome Warren!
And last, Addison attended her first sleepover! She stayed at Grace and Olivia's to celebrate their 7th birthday. There were 4 little girls and they had so much fun! I stayed until 10:30! Ha! I think it was harder on me than her! I feel so blessed to have that family in our lives! Our girls are at different schools, but we go to church together! I know they will be life long friends!