Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easter 2011

We have a tradition of going somewhere for brunch on Easter. This year, we went to the Cappricio Grill at The Peabody. When we got there and got seated, it was time for the ducks to come out. The girls and I went to watch them, and my camera battery died! These pictures were taken with my phone.
The girls and I by the fountain.

Grant and the girls
Grant and Addison after brunch!

My picts are a little out of order...Addison got up first and wanted to see what the Easter bunny brought her!
Holding up her movie! The bunny kept with his tradition and brought both girls swimsuits!

Ansley got up a little later, and even managed to get dressed before seeing her Easter basket!

When we got back from brunch, we died eggs.

We then spent the afternoon outside enjoying each other and the beautiful day. We are so thankful for Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross.