Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayer to Jesus

Addison has really gotten the hang of praying-well in a 3 year old sort of way. We pray for her sick friends. Last night, Grant was coughing and she wanted to pray for her daddy and Nick a friend from school. So here was the prayer...
"God is Great
God is Good
Let us thank Him
for our food
God help Daddy and Nick to feel better so they can be with their family and play"

Melts your heart, huh?

I even told some people about her sweet prayers today. She even sat on her towel in the shower last night, folded her hands and prayed for two other children in her class that were sick.

And then tonight, well the prayer was a little different. I was saying night time prayers. I always thank God for our blessings, such as "thank you God that we have a house to live in." In her sweet little voice, Addison stopped me at that point and said, "Mommy, ask Jesus to give us some money so I can have a swimming pool." HUMMM! Little change in prayer there. Where did that come from?